This is the placeholder page for the 'brand' I use for building guitar pedals and various other audio devices and developments. Right now I don't have anything for sale here, but someday plan on using this webpage to showcase my designs and host a catalog of available products available on a made-to-order basis.

In addition to my own equipment, I mostly build pedals for Electronic Audio Experiments with my good friend John, who in my honest opinion is designing some of the greatest original effects pedals on the market right now.

For now, contact: me@zachweeks.net for any inquiries or build requests.

Here are some circuits & projects I've worked on which may be useful to other people:

Traynor YBA-1 Mods - A schematic showing modifications I've done on Traynor YBA-1 amplifiers to make them more versatile and to my liking.

Sound City Revised Bias Circuit - A scheme to add a voltage doubler into the bias circuit of 1970s Dallas Arbiter Sound City amplifiers, which are notorious for running modern power tubes way way too hot.

"The Valve Wizard - Bias Supplies" (backup link) - Great read on designing better bias circuits for tube amps. This is a link to another webpage and isn't my content but I'm including it here because it is extremely useful info for anyone who wants a better understanding of how bias circuits work.

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